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Thermal ProbeTA10 ... ZG1b flowmeter: Suitable for portable or fixed measurement of the standard flow velocity v [m/s], the standard flow rate NV/t [m³/h], the mass flow [kg/h], the standard volume NV [m³] and the flow through mass [kg]. Applications: Measuring of air/gas velocity, compressed air and gas consumption, leakage flows, laminar flow in clean rooms or machines, in outgoing air, burner supply air and draughts, ventilation and air conditioning, air in low vacuum range greater than 200 hPa. For connection to handheld unit flowtherm NT, transducers U10a, U15-Ex.MEASURING RANGE: 0.2 ... 200 m/s. PRESSURE RESISTANCE: up to 16 bar / 1.6 MPa rel. MEDIA TEMPERATURE: -10 ... +140 °C.

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