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THERMAL FLOW SENSORS / CALORIMETRIC FLOW METERS / MASS FLOWMETERS: The calorimetric measuring method is based on a mechanically protected built-in sensor element being electrically heated. The mass flow rate, standard flow velocity and standard flow rate are determined as a result of the emerging thermal flow on the on-flowing gas. THERMAL PROBE TA10C - FOR MEASURING LAMINAR FLOW: Thermal flow sensors in probe design with shaft diameter 10/18 mm and transducer U10a integrated in the sensor shaft. Examples of application: in clean rooms, for mounting on ceilings or walls. Probe material: stainless steel. Suitable for fixed measuring of standard velocity v [m/s], standard flow rate NV/t [m³/h] and standard volume NV [m³]. Applications: measuring laminar flow, e.g. under fan filter units (FFU) in clean room environments. flow measurement in pharmaceutical applications. flow monitoring in glove boxes. Advantages: exact measurement of low flow velocities. no separate transducer necessary. GMP-compliant design. sterilisable. self-monitoring. configurable via RS232 interface.

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