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THERMAL FLOW SENSORS / CALORIMETRIC FLOW METERS / MASS FLOWMETERS: The calorimetric measuring method is based on a mechanically protected built-in sensor element being electrically heated. The mass flow rate, standard flow velocity and standard flow rate are determined as a result of the emerging thermal flow on the on-flowing gas. On account of this measuring principle, working temperature and pressure of the medium have no detrimental effect on the measurement values. As thermal mass flow is about calorimetric measuring, only the property data of the gas components is critical. THERMAL PROBE TA20 ... ZG8A - ROBUST DESIGN: Thermal flow sensor in probe design with sensor shaft diameter 20 mm and transducer U10a in the connection housing. For insertion in pipes with inside diameter from 80 mm. Sensor material: stainless steel. Working temperature range -10 ... +240 °C. Working pressure range up to 10 bar rel. Time constant within 10 seconds. Suitable for fixed measuring of standard flow velocity Nv [m/s], standard flow rate NV/t [m³/h] and standard quantity/volume NV [m³]. Advantages: direct air/gas mass flow-proportional measurement; robust design.

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