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THERMAL MEASURING TUBE TA DI - STANDARD - WITH INTEGRATED TRANSDUCER: Measuring tube TA Di with inside diameter 8, 16, 21.6, 27.2, 35.9 and 41.8 mm and transducer U10a / U10M in sensor connection housing. Probe material: stainless steel. Working temperature range -10 ... +140 °C. Working pressure up to 16 bar. Applications: Fixed measuring of standard flow rate NV/t [m³/h], air-mass flow m/t [kg/h], standard volume NV [m³], flow mass m [kg] and standard flow velocity Nv [m/s] in clean, condensate and particulate-free gases. Output signals: analog output 4-20 mA flow. relay for quantity pulse. PC interface RS232. M-Bus (Meter-Bus). Configurable via RS232 interface or M-Bus and UCOM software. Höntzsch thermal sensors with M-Bus interface are available with adjustable primary address as well as with optional secondary addressing. This enhanced identification record can address a considerably higher number of field devices with only a slightly slower read out speed. Thanks to the M-Bus technology you are just a click away from having the most important information such as meter readings and actual consumption values immediately at your fingertips.

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