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Model: DK800S-4
Diameter: DN4mm.
Measuring range( L/h):
water 20°C: 0.25~2.5
Air 1.01325Pa 20°C: 0.5~5; 0.36~8; 1.6~16; 6~60.
Working temperature: -20~120°C.
Working pressure: 1.0MPa.
The DK800S type glass rotor flowmeter has the strong corrosion resistant performance, can detect acid (except hydrofluoric acid), gas or liquid alkali, oxidant and other corrosive flow, used in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, sewage treatment and other industries.
Widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, medicine, food, environmental protection and scientific research departments, used to measure the phase of non pulsation (liquid or gas) fluid flow.

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