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Model: GA24S-80
Name: glass rotor flowmeter
Range: 10:1
Measuring range:
water 20℃(L/h):
1600 ~ 16000
2500 ~ 5000
3600 ~ 36000
air ( 1.2X10 5 Pa 20℃ m3/h): --
Precision: 1.6
The length of the taper pipe: 300mm.
Temperature: -20~60℃; 0~120℃.
Pressure: 0.5MPa.
Glass rotor flowmeter is also known as the glass tube flow meter or glass rotor flowmeter, it is a kind of variable area flowmeter, it is mainly composed of a bottom-up expand vertical glass cone tube and a float can move up and down with the flow.

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