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Model: HQBS-1700
Type: Intelligent target flowmeter
Normal diameter: DN1700mm.
Measuring range( m3/h): 1350~365000
The range of target diameter ratio: 0.2~0.1
Maximum pressure drop( KPa): 0.0012
Brief introduction:
Intelligent target type flowmeter is mainly composed of a measuring tube (shell), a new sensor (including the choke element), product display and output component. According to the medium and different conditions, it must adapt to the selection of sensor. Therefore, the measurement object and accurate parameters from users is key for manufacturers to choose the appropriate sensor for measurement.
The main technical parameters:
The measured medium: Liquids; gas; steam.
Nominal diameter: Flange type 15 ~ 500mm; Clip mounted 15 ~ 500mm; Insert 65 ~ 5000mm.
Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 42MPa.
Medium temperature: -100 to +350 DEG C.
Accuracy: + 0.2%; + 0.5%; + 1%.
1:5 (liquid)
1:10 (liquid, gas)
1:30 (liquid, gas)
1:12 (steam)
The form of compensation: Temperature compensation of pressure compensation;
Repeatability: From 0.05% to 0.08%.
Power supply: The machine owned lithium battery (3.6V); external power supply 24VDC.
The output form:
Display in the field; 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V two-wire system; pulse; RS485/RS232; HART.
The measuring tube material: Carbon steel; stainless steel; can also according to user requirements to provide consultation.
Explosion proof mark: Flameproof (Exd II CT4).
Protection grade: IP65; IP67.
Flange specifications: Flowmeter connecting flange specifications of the implementation of GB/T series standard, can also according to user requirements for special processing.

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