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Model: HQ-070D
Type: Ultrasonic flowmeter
velocity range (m/s): 0.01~ 12.
Brief introduction
The main characteristics of battery powered ultrasonic flowmeter is extremely low power consumption, the available battery power for flow measurement: tap water, river water, sea water, cooling water, chemical liquid, lubricating oil etc..
Characteristics of battery powered ultrasonic flowmeter:
- low power digital design. Built-in lithium battery can work for more than six years, suitable for application in field without power supply.
- ceramic sensor, ultrasonic sensor was high strength insulating ceramics, the maximum working temperature of 160 DEG C, for my company patent technology.
Maintenance function - advanced. Adaptive sensor, replace the sensor does not affect the measurement accuracy.
- has two analog input port, which can realize the heat (cold) measurement of temperature, pressure, liquid level signal input.

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