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Model: HQTDS-100F
Chinese fixed type ultrasonic flowmeter characteristics:
- micro power, digital design. The machine adopts the micro power consumption design of hardware and software, digital transmitting, receiving and digital digital analysis on the ultrasonic signal, to achieve a comprehensive digital design, the power consumption is less than 0.3W. Battery powered type machine power consumption is only 0.2mW.
- excellent measurement and management function. By analyzing and advanced computing technologies in the software design, to ensure accurate measurement function. In addition, the design of advanced management function, the series of instrument can access to instrument operation data any time before ten years at any time.
-Flexible maintenance performance. By reversing the adaptive technique, so that the series of instrument can eliminate the zero error of the measurement process automatically, and can freely change the converter and the sensor in the repair process, does not affect the measurement accuracy.
- Chinese characters technology. Instrument data input and measurement of the process show all Chinese characters, so that the operator can operate without the use of manual.
-Insertion type ultrasonic flowmeter: don't stop installation and maintenance. Adopt ceramic sensor, using a special drilling our device does not stop production installation. For the general single channel measurement, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, can choose three channel.
- pipe type ultrasonic flowmeter: need to open the pipeline installation, but later maintenance can not stop. You can choose single channel or three channel sensor.
- the outer clamping type ultrasonic flowmeter: can complete the fixed and mobile measurement. Using special coupling agent (long chain of silicone rubber cured at room temperature or high temperature polymerization grease) installation, the installation does not damage the pipeline.
Chinese fixed type ultrasonic flowmeter with velocity difference method principle, measures liquid flow in a circular tube. This series instrument adopts digital transmitting, digital receiver, digital analysis, digital output and other advanced micropower digital design technology, accurate measurement of the instrument, reliable operation, more suitable for the requirements of industrial field. Converter forms are: wall hanging type, panel mounted, integrated; sensor forms are: insert, pipe type, clamp.

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