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Model: HQTDS-100P
Type: Ultrasonic flowmeter
Normal diameter range: DN20~4000mm.
flow range(m/s): 0.01~12.
Precision: ±1.5%.
Measruing liquid: Water, river water, seawater, oil, chemical liquid homogeneous fluid.
Materials of pipeline: Metal, non-metal dense material.
The temperature of the environment:
Converter: -10 to 45 DEG C.
Sensors: -30 ~ +60 C; -30 to +160 DEG C.
HQTDS-100P portable ultrasonic flowmeter uses outer clamp measurement of liquid flow sensor. The installation process is very simple, the whole Chinese man-machine interface, easy operation. Especially suitable for the flow balance test and flow monitoring: drinking water, river water, sea water, cooling water, hot water, industrial wastewater, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, chemical liquid etc.
- the non-contact measurement, small size, light weight, easy to carry.
- sensor is simple and easy installation, used to measure various size pipe sound conducting medium.
- the measurement process need not destroy the pipe, without stop production, sensor and the measured medium contact, no pressure loss.
Pipe - suitable for measurements of metal pipes, plastic pipes and other acoustic material.
- built in rechargeable battery, can work continuously for more than 12 hours.
- Intelligent print function, to ensure the flow of data integrity.

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