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The KATflow 170 is a fixed installation clampon ultrasonic Ex flowmeter for noninvasive and nonintrusive flow measurement of liquids and liquefied gases in fully filled pipes. The flowmeter is approved for operation in Zones 1 and 2, and programmed with a magnetic pen through a glass-fronted keypad for increased safety. The KATflow 170 can be supplied with one or two measurement channels. It is therefore ablte to offer a cost-effective solution for multi-pipe metering applications. The dual-channel measurement function can also be used to monitor one single pipe in a two-path sensor mounting configuration in order to increase the accuracy under difficult flow conditions with disturbed flow profiles. The incorporated calculation functions Sum, Difference, Average and Highest Value complete the dual-channel feature. As with all other Katronic models, the KATflow 170 offers an intuitive instrument menu and Setup Wizard which guides the user step-by-step through the meter configuration.

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