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Model: NNK140
The MagneW 3000PLUS Electromagnetic Flowmeter is submersible type of flowmeter mainly used for flow rate measurement in open or closed channels.This flowmeter is simple in operating principle and easy to install but provides high measuring accuracy. These features are unattainable with other traditional electromagnetic flowmeters. The out-standing features of the MagneW3000 Flowmeter come from the square-wave excitation system.
The detecotor can also be easily installed on any gate of an existing water channel. The channel may be an open or close type with rectangular or circular cross section.
The flow signal is linear, having a high measuring accuracy from 100% down to zero flow rate. Stable measurement can be done even when the channel is affected by the tide.
A wide measuring range of 0-0.3 to 0-10m/sec. can be covered.Still larger flows can be measured at the same water head by installing dummy detectors in parallel with detector which are of the same physical demensions.

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