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The MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ is a high performance electromagnetic flow meter based on field proven Yamatake two-wire loop powered technology. The MagneW Two-wire PLUS offers the stable and accurate measurement of a traditional magflow meter with low power consumtion. The result is a lower overall cost of ownership.
Model: MTG18B(Romote type)
Two-wire operation: MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ improves its noise immunity performance by 700% maximum and 250% in average. For the spike noise, MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ improves its noise immunity performance in 250% in average.
High accuracy and stable output: MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ proves high accuracy(+/-0.5% of rate) and its output is as stable as current four wired magnetic flowmeters.
Minimum measurable fluid conductivity: The MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ offers a minimum process fluid conductivity of 10S/cm which is the best among two-wire magflow meters therby maximizing applicability.
Wider range in size: MagneW Two-wire PLUS+ offers wider range in detector size. Detector size: 2.5 to 200mm.

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